'Entourage' Movie Seems To Be Happening Again

October 29, 2013


Jeremy Piven better go get his little Ari toupée brushed: Warner Bros.' long-planned and utterly redundant Entourage movie is now "a go" again after almost falling apart due to the most unlikely hardball casting negotiations.

As you maybe recall, the studio gave the film the greenlight last January, and had begun working out deals to bring back the stars. This was expected to go smoothly, as Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon et al. have been so committed to keeping their schedule open for this that they've been turning down all the big roles they keep getting offered constantly. Instead, things got botched once it came out in August that only Jeremy Piven would be getting a back-end deal on the profits, should there somehow be any once the film's reported $30 million budget is factored in. The rest of the cast wanted in on those hypothetical profits, too, and it's said they decided to hold out rather than risk the indignity of being considered less-than-Pivens.

Anyway, that's reportedly all taken care of now. Particulars of the deal aren't known, but everyone is getting a piece of the back-end, production will begin in January, and Grenier has made clear the message that no one better try to give Melissa Joan Hart a better contract if they ever do Drive Me Crazier.

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