Hans Zimmer Creates Weirdly-Arbitrary Supergroup for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

October 31, 2013


Last we heard, Hans Zimmer wasn't sure if he'd return to do the Batman-inclusive Man of Steel sequel. But there's one thing he is very certain about: he will definitely form a bizarre supergroup for The Amazing Spider-Man 2's score.

Sony Pictures has announced that the Oscar and Grammy-winning composer will for some reason team with Pharrell Williams, The Smiths' Johnny Marr, Incubus's Michael Einziger, and Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart for the Spider-Man sequel, which will apparently sound like jangly guitar, funk, and man, who knows what.

In a statement, Zimmer sort of explained the group's unexpected collaboration, saying, "Marc and I were talking about Spider-Man, and as the word got out, so many of our friends and musicians started calling us up, wanting to be a part of it, because they love Spider-Man. That was the thing that united all of us - the great love for Spider-Man. With all of these hugely talented people wanting to join us, it was Marc who said, 'Why not start a band?' Marc and I have had a great start jamming with everybody, and we still have a few surprises up our sleeve."

It is not clear how Webb or Zimmer will clear up the discrepancy with how Spider-Man is already established as sounding like campy U2.

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