Here's What Colombia's Version of 'Breaking Bad' Looks Like

October 4, 2013


Like so many consumer electronics instructions, Breaking Bad is following up its debatably-ambiguous ending by just starting over in Spanish. Sony Pictures Television is developing a remake of the acclaimed series called Metastasis, made specifically for North America's Spanish-speaking markets--shifting the story to Colombia, making the RV a bus, changing Walter White to Walter Blanco, and partnering him with José, a new Jesse that looks more like Latin America's answer to Andy Samberg. It's already reportedly been pre-sold to "all major Spanish-speaking markets across Latin America as well as to Univision's UniMas network in the U.S., and you can have a look at a teaser that likely helped sell it below. It's pretty surreal.

More off-putting than the voice-over and Walt's wig-like hair? Apparently this is the new Holly:


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