'How I Met Your Mother' High-Concept Premise To Continue Spouse Search in Spin-Off Series

October 31, 2013


How I Met Your Mother's time may be drawing to a close, but its instinctive desire to hunt for a mate for nine seasons shall live on in another generation of CBS multi-camera comedy. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox Television and HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, along with the late Up All Night's creator Emily Spivey, are in talks with the network to develop a follow-up series.

The show is being characterized as a spin-off, but really it seems to be more of a spiritual successor; none of the current cast would return--recently-introduced Mother included. Instead, it would follow a new generation of perennial bar-goers, this time gender-swapped and loosely framed around a new female lead's needlessly-sprawling tale of meeting a father. Naturally, it's being called How I Met Your Father. It would be too nail-on-the-head to outright call it Testing the Waters for '2.5 Females.'

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