'I, Frankenstein' Trailer: Finally, an 'Underworld' for Handsome Frankensteins

October 4, 2013


Do you remember a few years ago when SNL did that parody where it was Twilight but with Frankenstein? Well, this is that, except now it's Underworld instead of Twilight, and because Hollywood killed satire, it is a real movie.

I, Frankenstein sees Aaron Eckhart once again suffering visible head wounds to play the title speaker (that he'd more accurately be I, Frankenstein's Monster is the least of this thing's problems), an un-aging super-man constructed from the parts of a bunch of really ripped dudes. Now, on the bicentennial of his creation, he's got himself a nice haircut and is waging war against just who you'd expect to see in an Underworld knock-off: Bill Nighy again. Also Miranda Otto and A Good Day To Die Hard's Jai Courtney--who, by his dress, you'd think was still just his character from Starz' Spartacus, only now he also turns into a living stone gargoyle. They're trying to raise a whole army of I, Frankensteins, but alas, He, Frankenstein is self-loathing, and He's not going to let anyone make more I, Frankensteins. He will fight them. With his fancy pizza cutters:

Unsurprisingly, I, Frankenstein arrives in the dumping grounds of January. More surprisingly, Legion and Priest director Scott Stewart had absolutely nothing to do with this.

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