'It Takes a Thief' the Latest Old Spy Show We're Making a Movie

October 30, 2013


Universal seems to be following Warner's Man from U.N.C.L.E. strategy, making a film out of whatever full-series DVD set they can find still-wrapped at a flea market. The studio is reportedly moving forward on an adaptation of It Takes a Thief, the action-adventure series that ran on ABC for three seasons at the end of the '60s. The show starred Robin Wagner as a master thief let out of prison under the deal that he'll use his skills for the good of America's Secret Intelligence Agency; the adaptation will apparently change that slightly, Variety saying, "the film follows a young CIA analyst who recruits a brilliant thief, who has managed to evade the CIA, to work for him." Should the CIA analyst's by-the-books personality end up clashing with the wise-cracking brashness of this cocky thief, then that's just an angle that will have to be explored in most every scene.

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