Kevin James Returning to TV as Character Other Than Borough Monarch

October 2, 2013


On the off chance humans should one day cease watching reruns of King of Queens after the news but before primetime, Kevin James has arranged a contingency syndication plan. Like Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence before him, James is returning to a sitcom in the hopes of making at least a hundred episodes of something, thus giving him the minimum number to start making broadcast syndication money on. Also like Grammer and Lawrence, he's doing it through Lionsgate subsidiary Debmar-Mercury's 10/90 model, meaning he skips a pilot and goes straight to a ten-episode order; if those gently amuse audiences enough to hit a ratings minimum, it triggers a 90-episode commitment, and soon enough we have 100 episodes of Kevin or whatever cycling through our local Fox affiliate's 6:30 slot. According to Deadline, there is not yet a concept for the series, but maybe he would work a particularly-pedestrian, uniformed job and have an remarkably attractive wife and yes it will definitely be that.

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