Larry David Could Play Superman Villain, Claims Report I Wish Were True

October 8, 2013


In bullshit news that is nonetheless pretty fun to imagine, RadarOnline is reporting that Larry David has been talking with Ben Affleck about being a villain in Warner Bros.' still-untitled Superman/Batman film. An always-reliable "insider" apparently told Radar that David and Affleck have talked "with earnest abandon" about the idea of L.D. playing Superman rogue Mister Mxyzptlk, the magical, Rumpelstiltskin-esque imp who must be tricked into returning to his home dimension--typically by getting him to say his own name backward.

Even if the pair's talking is true, chances are unlikely that David--or even Mister Mxyzptlk at all--would align with Warner and Zack Snyder's dark and desaturated vision. Plus, Seinfeld would be super pissed he didn't get in on this. It seems Batman and Larry David remain forever destined to just barely miss each other:

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