'Like Father, Like Son' Trailer Reveals It's More Thoughtful Than Kirk Cameron/Dudley Moore Vehicle

October 2, 2013


When Cannes jury president Steven Spielberg saw Japan's Like Father, Like Son, he quickly got DreamWorks to grab up the remake rights, so you know it's probably good. Or at least that it will soon star Tom Hanks as the father. Either way, you should probably see the original, which boasts a pretty intriguing premise: what if a blood test revealed that your young child was not your own, leading you to realize a six-year-old hospital nursery mix-up? In Hirokazu Koreeda's film, it leads to the two families involved trading sons, each taking their own blood and future kidney donor back despite the emotional bonds that have already formed.

Alas, they soon find switching sons is not so simple as swapping cups when you realize you accidentally got someone's Coke Zero. These Coke Zeroes have feelings. Here's the UK-subbed trailer:


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