Lucas Still Hasn't Quite Let Go of Star Wars

October 8, 2013


Though George Lucas is no longer the shining CGI light misguiding the Star Wars franchise, apparently he still hasn't quite let go of his most famous creation. Flicks and the City (via) recently asked Lucas's less famous creation, Jett Lucas, whether his father would be keeping a "watchful eye" on the franchise, to which Jett responded with a solid affirmative. "Yeah, as any parent watching their kid go to college would," he said, seeming oblivious to the fact his rich, well-intentioned father didn't send this kid to college; he had her hopelessly re-worked to a grossly-artificial level of pseudo-perfection, then sold her off to a rich and eager suitor.

But anyway, apparently Lucas is doing much more than just keeping an eye on things. Jett claims that Dad's still "constantly talking with J.J.," and that may well be because Episode VII is still based on Lucas's story ideas. According to Jett, Lucas had already "started writing and kind of researching [for another Star Wars]" and was "about half way through that" before the sale to Disney came up. So, if the new Star Wars contains about half a romance and about half-written characters, now you know why. Because Lucas probably finished writing it.

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