Madea, Larry the Cable Guy Share Screen in Final 'Madea Christmas' Trailer Before World Ends

October 30, 2013


This Christmas, prepare for the choir to ring out in a chorus of hallelujers and git-r-dones, a celebration of the birth of a Christ who has forsaken us and allowed Madea and Larry the Cable Guy in a movie together. Yes, in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas, our two most pandering living social stereotypes unite for just the sort of lack-of-culture clash you'd expect. Madea visits her niece's family for the holidays and ends up sharing a roof with her Cableguy-in-law (essentially playing himself but with sleeves); she also for some reason ends up riffing with children in both mall and classroom environments, and then she falls in a pile of cow shit. In other words, it's a very Perry Madea Christmas indeed.

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