Russell Crowe's Ark To Be Filled with Freak Fauna

October 9, 2013


Bad news, animals: you're all so fucking trite, Russell Crowe isn't even interested in saving your banal asses from a flood. Or at least that's the word from Darren Aronofsky, who's currently on post-production in his Crowe-starring Biblical project, Noah. Speaking with the Directors Guild of America, the director revealed the extent to which he's been using CGI, claiming that his new film is "the most complicated rendering in [ILM's] history." The reason for this? Because Industrial Light and Magic had to invent and render a whole new menagerie to avoid all the boring trappings of Earth's stupid old animal kingdom.

"All the animals in the movie are slightly tweaked; I didn't want the clichéd polar bear, elephant, and lion walking onto the Ark; I didn't want the shot of a giraffe's head looking over the rail," Aronofsky said. "We basically went through the animal kingdom and pinpointed the body types we wanted: some pachyderms, some rodents, reptiles, and the bird kingdom. We chose the species and they were brought to life with different furs and colors. We didn't want anything fully recognizable but not completely absurd either."

So, don't expect the familiar line-up of zoo animals we've come to expect from various child-like depictions of Noah's ark. Do expect a fucking ton of obnoxious bugs buzzing around and getting all over everything. That's the part they never tell you about when you're signing up for an ark.


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