See Shia LaBeouf Beaten, Smothered, Hit by Car, in 'Charlie Countryman' Trailer

October 9, 2013


The title role of Charlie Countryman famously led Shia LaBeouf to drop acid in preparation. Now, you can see whether all that dedicated method psychedelia paid off in this first trailer for the film.

But sadly, you only get a few shots of LaBeouf's carefully-researched "I'm naked at a club and enjoying these party lights a little too much" routine. The majority of this first look focuses on the broader plot of the Shia's Romanian Vacation, which goes something like this: guy dies on LaBeouf's shoulder on a plane to Romania; dead guy ends up being father of Evan Rachel Wood's questionable accent; LaBeouf parties with Rupert Grint; LaBeouf falls in love with Evan Rachel Wood; Wood's gangster husband, Mads Mikkelsen, continuously beats LaBeouf and sticks his face in a plastic bag--exactly as plastic bag iconography warns one not to do. LaBeouf probably did that for real, too. Dude is so method.

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