Woody Allen Cancelled India's 'Blue Jasmine' Release

October 8, 2013


India's strict policies on smoking have come into conflict with Woody Allen's strict ban on any titles that deviate at all from the same ones he always does, and as such, now India isn't getting Blue Jasmine.

Here's the issue: apparently India takes its anti-smoking campaign pretty seriously, going beyond just the usual "HERE'S A DISGUSTING PHOTO OF A ROTTED HUMAN PART" schtick. If a film includes smoking, the screening is preceded by a Ministry of Health ad warning of the dangers; during scenes of smoking, that point is reiterated by on-screen text again reminding audiences that the smoking character will eventually get sick once they're done fitting in and looking cool.

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine was set to debut in India this past weekend but now won't be going there at all due to this regulation. The film contains scenes of tobacco use, and according to Reuters' sources, the director is unwilling to alter his print to in order to tell adults that smoking is bad. If anyone in a Woody Allen film is going to worry about something killing them, it's not going to be on-screen text; it's going to be the Woody Allen surrogate.

"Due to content in the film, it cannot be shown in India in its intended manner. Therefore, the film is not scheduled to play there," Allen's rep confirmed. Now where to turn to laugh at the neuroses of the upper caste?

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