Adam Driver Might Be Nightwing in 'Batman-Superman'

November 11, 2013


Looks like Wonder Woman isn't the only secondary hero Warner is thinking of tossing in with Batman and Superman for some extra action figure revenue. It seems Batman might have a sidekick too, and according to TheWrap, it might be Girls and Frances Ha supporting star Adam Driver. He'd reportedly be playing Nightwing--the aged form of Dick Grayson's Robin--which fits with what LatinoReview has said about the studio looking for a "young John Hawkes" type for that part. Assuming that by "young John Hawkes" they meant "rangy guy with a face like a lazy caricature."

Sources apparently claim that at least two other actors are in line for the part, though, so don't count on Driver getting the part just yet. Especially because DJ Qualls has been auditioning for "young John Hawkes" since forever.

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