Blockbuster Went Really on the Nose for Their Final Rental

November 12, 2013


Pictured above, center, is the last guy to ever pop over to Blockbuster real quick before they close and grab whatever's still available that's new. Though you'd think no one would have done that in years anyway, apparently this guy in Hawaii still actually did last night, and thanks to the way time zones work, he became the final person to ever rent something from a (non-franchise) Blockbuster.

Keeping their promise to live on digitally, even as their New Release walls crumble, Blockbuster tweeted the image of what will be the last rental beneath the depressingly-uneven fluorescent glow that is the hallmark of their physical stores. The movie rented? This Is the End. Fitting, seeing as how when this guy returns it, the place is going to be torn apart and sparsely populated by stoners wanting discount junk food and Xbox games.

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