'Daredevil' Series Has a Writer in Whedon's Crony

November 12, 2013


Since Marvel can't just have Joss Whedon running all their series, for Daredevil, they're settling for a close known associate. TheWrap reports that the job of writing the studio's first Netflix series has been given to Drew Goddard, Whedon's co-writer on Cabin in the Woods and staff writer for Angel and Buffy (as well as some Abrams shows). He sounds like he's serious about the material, too: speaking to Collider prior to this news, Goddard claimed that even through the age of 18 he had his bedroom door painted red, over which he'd written the Daredevil quote, "I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear." So this is really good news if you'd hoped the project would go to someone passionate who was also a virgin into adulthood.

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