Disney Making 'The Princess Bride... Live!', as You Possibly Wished

November 12, 2013


Ever wanted to see a version of The Princess Bride where the Rodent of Unusual Size is a dancing guy in a furry leotard? Well, you may be in luck.

Disney is teaming with Princess Bride author and screenwriter William Goldman for a new stage take to be sadly devoid of such human anomalies as Andre the Giant and Wallace Shawn. A previous attempt at such a thing was tried a few years ago, with Tony-winning composer Adam Guettel coming on turn the story into a musical. None of that book will be used in the new adaptation, and it's not even yet certain if studio's plan is to develop a musical. But as The Hollywood Reporter notes, "given the Disney stage arm's predominant history with musicals, that seems a good bet." That besides the fact that, come on, the first verse of surefire crowd favorite "Anybody Want a Peanut?" is already written.

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