'Fifty Shades of Grey' Delayed Until World Cools Down

November 13, 2013

Bad news, mommies. Following multiple delays due to script issues, sudden casting changes, and the re-reading of passages that just get steamier with every pass, Fifty Shades of Grey, Universal's Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation has been pushed back from the summer 2014 date that would have put it up against Guardians of the Galaxy. Now it's been moved to February 14, 2015, allowing Christian Grey to be the perfect Valentine's date for any singles interested in sounding particularly sad.

But not to leave you devoid of so much sexiness for over a year, the studio and EntertainmentWeekly put together a little photo shoot of stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character, as it were. Have a look below for their BDSM engagement photos.

Anastasia Steele playfully hides her groin before giving Grey run of the place.

Grey has the most seductive owie.

"Tighter... tighter," Ana thought to her Converse laces, unaware that Grey is about to punch her out if she doesn't make room on the couch.

Ana feels scared yet aroused within the cool embrace of a personified issue of GQ.

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