'Gimme Shelter' Trailer: Hey, Look, Vanessa Hudgens Can Play Dramatic and Roughed-Up, Too

November 25, 2013


If Spring Breakers is what finally washed all the Disney sheen off Vanessa Hudgens, then Gimme Shelter is her emerging still-damp and in need of her next coat of hair and makeup. Appearing almost unrecognizably rough-looking, Hudgens stars as Apple in the film--based on the true story of evidently not Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, as this Apple is a pregnant teen and daughter to a drug-addicted, brown-toothed woman (Rosario Dawson) who's not even married to someone from Coldplay. Mom did, however, at some point hook-up with a well-to-do Brendan Fraser; Apple learns that he's her father and, to escape her mother's crack-head overacting, runs away to him.

Alas, Fraser ends up not being so great a parent either, demanding Apple get an abortion. So, the fruit-based protagonist goes on the run again, and, as the title suggests, is in desperate need of shelter. But where can a troubled young woman find shelter? Oh, right, a women's shelter, suggests this trailer:

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