'Heaven Is for Real' Trailer: Greg Kinnear's Know-It-All Kid Pretty Confident on This One

November 15, 2013


Heaven: it's the place where your miscarriages finally have a chat with you. It's a place where you meet a young version of your great-grandfather, then visit his buried corpse with him. It's a place where you see your father's impotent rage at the lord, and it's where, at long last, you begin your unnatural fascination with birdhouses. Or at least that's what Greg Kinnear's precocious son won't shut up about in Heaven Is for Real.

Based on the Christian book of the same name, the film tells the account of a kid whose near-death experience miraculously got his dad a book deal with the same conservative author who helped Sarah Palin with her memoir. Kinnear plays this opportunity-grabbing father, starring alongside newcomer Connor Corum and a willfully(?) uncredited Thomas Haden Church as the fireman that religious films must necessarily have.

Per the MPAA's guidelines, trailers are limited to two-and-a-half minutes, with a once-a-year exception allowing studios to go beyond that. Sony Pictures has evidently decided to make this film's preview their rare three-minute departure. Despite such length, we don't even get a glimpse of the part of the story where Jesus cruises past on his rainbow steed--the philosophy being save a little for the theater but nothing for Heaven. Tell us all about that right now, Colton Burpo.

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