Jason Patric Finally Given His Own 'Taken', with Bruce Willis

November 25, 2013


Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, 50 Cent, and South Korean pop idol Rain are coming together for a film you will one day catch on TV and wonder, "What the fuck are all these guys in?" The answer? The Prince, an action film they've all reportedly signed on for to give Speed 2 his own Taken. In the film, Patric will play a family man who, it turns out, is hiding a secret past as a mob enforcer. When his college-aged daughter goes missing, he leans on those old skills to travel across the country and find her. Cusack is playing a friend and fellow former mob guy while Willis, beyond being a man with now three shared credits with 50 Cent, will be making a rare turn as the villain. Shooting is set to begin just after the upcoming holiday, when Americans give thanks for new Jason Patric movies.

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