Marvel Got the 'Twilight' Writer for Their Jessica Jones Show

November 13, 2013


Now that Marvel has got all those new series setup at Netflix, they're getting right to work on writing them, so they don't have to worry about it later and can just have fun all weekend.

Yesterday came news that Drew Goddard is being hired on to write the planned Daredevil series, but already today comes news that they've got a writer for their Jessica Jones show too. According to Deadline, comics fans are now expected to be worried that the writer of the entire Twilight series is taking over the project, as Melissa Rosenberg is rumored to be writing and executive producing.

But if you can forgive all that vampire-werewolf dialogue, or at least attribute it to an undue reverence to the source material, Rosenberg actually makes pretty good sense. Three years ago, when a Jessica Jones show was being eyed as a detective drama at ABC, she headed that development up as a creator, so she definitely has some ideas. Also, she's already earned some pretty decent cred as a lead writer: between Twilight sagas, she got an Emmy nomination as head writer on Dexter before she left after season four--perhaps not coincidentally when everything on that show started getting stupider but you still kept watching for some reason. Man, why did you do that?

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