New 'Need for Speed' Trailer: Aaron Paul Drives So Angry

November 18, 2013


As should look familiar to Fast/Furious fans and 16-year-old rich kids, Need for Speed takes place in a world where all problems are both created and solved by melodramatic betrayals, changes in who drives the coolest car, and some thinly fleshed-out romance. Aaron Paul stars as a guy who, amazingly, has even more worrisome glares and gravely-emoted revenge notions than late-season Jesse Pinkman. His reason for so much upset glowering? Thanks to Iron Man's dad Dominic Cooper, Paul spent a couple years stewing in jail, and now that he's out, he's demanding retribution. Naturally, he will get that BEHIND THE WHEEL. And by way of extremely rudimentary "yo mama" jokes and by attaching a car to a helicopter and driving it off a cliff:

So Michael Keaton is just an apparent Need for Greek Chorus?

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