Owen Wilson and Starz Making Show About Porn and the FBI and the Mob

November 1, 2013


Finally combining all the genres you watch most into one convenient series, Starz and Owen Wilson are making a show about federal agents, mobsters, and '80s pornography.

The cable network and half of the top billing of The Internship are reportedly teaming with multi-Law & Order-spanning writer Rene Balcer for WonderWorld, a period drama centered around a big '80s sting by the FBI. The G-men's target? Mob pornographers.

Apparently Reagan-era organized crime had their fingers and more in the porn industry, controlling production and explaining why buying a VHS tape from a porn shop used to be like forty bucks. The show would focus on two "straight-arrow" FBI agents undercover to infiltrate the operation and bring down these dirty, dirty movie-makers. It will also give Starz the excuse to put even more period nudity on television. And that's the main point of premium cable now, right?

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