'Snowpiercer' Might Make It To Theaters Unedited After All

November 21, 2013


In Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer, human life on Earth is contained entirely within a train, where a class war emerges between upper and lower classes. In reality, of course, trains are super boring, but there is, in reality, a war going on behind-the-scenes of the film. On one side: Bong Joon-ho, his fans, the film's stars, and by all accounts, pretty much everyone who's seen the film. One the other: Harvey Weinstein, who for some reason wants to cut like 20 minutes out of the film despite the fact that the edited version has been testing more poorly. But there's some good news for everyone who is not Harvey Weinstein: there's still some hope the U.S. will get the original cut.

According to ThePlaylist, the director says we should "have faith" that the film will still hit theaters uncut. Speaking at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, Bong explained, "I stayed in New York for two weeks before coming here to Mar del Plata, mostly because of this [the editing] matter, and the good news is that after all the speculation and comments about that 20-minute cut, and considering the original version that was released in Korea and France also will be released in Japan and Hong Kong, we have been talking a lot about keeping the original cut for the U.S. release, so what I can say is... have faith." To which all I can say is... alright, but why does placing my faith in a powerful media mogul showing me a complete, unadulterated story not feel like I'm doing the smart thing here?

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