Vin Diesel Suggests Ang Lee Will/Should Direct His 'Kojak' Remake

November 26, 2013


It's now been nearly a year since Universal revealed that Vin Diesel's skull fits perfectly into the dimple left by Telly Savalas, attaching Diesel as the lead in their Kojak remake. The project had seemed largely forgotten as Diesel returned his attention to voicing big clunky creatures and driving places, but last night the actor seemed to suggest a director has been found--or at least is being pursued--for the film. Responding to a fan's question of what director he'd like to work with, Diesel took to his usual forum, Facebook, to say, "Kojak... New York... Ang Lee..." So it sounds like Lee could be in talks to direct America's favorite smooth, large, grumbling car-wrecker. Hopefully that works out better than it did with Hulk.

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