Watch the 'Machete Kills Again... in Space' Trailer, Because You Probably Didn't See it with 'Machete Kills'

November 19, 2013


Because Machete Kills made only $14 million worldwide against the original's $44 million, it seems decreasingly likely that Robert Rodriguez--even on the slim budgets he shoots on--will ever get to complete his mission to send Machete to space. But fear not: we've already studied the effects of weightlessness on Danny Trejo's features. As you would know if you had actually seen Machete Kills, Rodriguez did already shoot a trailer for his would-be follow-up, premiering it before the last sequel, and now it's (probably illegally) online. Logically, the film is titled Machete Kills Again... in Space, and since this preview keeps it under two minutes--the ideal portion size for tongue-in-cheek throwbacks--it's a pretty fun time. It does have a lightmachete, after all.


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