Will Smith and Offspring To Set Sail with Manhattan as Their Vessel, Because Only the Best

November 15, 2013


When Will Smith's huge trailer came to SoHo, congesting the narrow streets for the shooting of Men in Black III, locals complained and Columbia Pictures was forced to move the massive Smith sanctuary. Now, thanks to New Yorkers' impudence in the face of Smith's need for fine accommodations between quips, he's going to make the entirety of Manhattan his luxury vessel. Deadline reports that After Earth's Cypher Raige is attached to star in The City That Sailed, an adventure that Night at the Museum curator Shawn Levy is now attached to direct. The tentpole film sees a father and daughter (Smith and not yet his actual daughter for now) journeying upon Manhattan as it liberates itself from its flyover annoyances and begins drifting across the Atlantic, further driving up rents that can now charge for an ocean view.

How the borough would ever manage to squeeze its way out from and around Long Island isn't yet being explained. "Welcome to new topography of Earth" should do it, though.

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