'Wonder Twins' Poster Reveals 'Entourage' Probably Doing Viral Marketing

November 15, 2013


As was reportedly received by mail at Midtown Comics today, here is what appears to be a poster announcing a film about the Wonder Twins, to be played by a sampling of the That '70s Show cast.

Of course, in actuality, it is definitely not that, because Warner Bros. did not think of that idea early enough to get it done by next year. It may just be an outright hoax or an elaborate prank, but more than likely it seems to be a reminder that, yes, Entourage is still going to be a movie. The series already made up a whole blockbuster Aquaman movie, so this new arrival of another conspicuously-lame superhero film kind of points a finger at Adrian Grenier and his chums. By all evidence, the only Super Friends we'll be seeing on screen next year are the ones that squabble over making as much as Jeremy Piven.

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