'3 Days to Kill' Trailer: Kevin Costner Does All the Action-Thriller Things

December 17, 2013


Still can't figure out what to get your father for Christmas? Well, Hollywood knocked their dad gift out of the park this year with 3 Days to Kill, the action-thriller that gives Dad everything he's ever wanted to see Kevin Costner do in an movie besides baseball.

Costner plays a loving husband and father who, due to his secret job as a bad-ass agent guy, has been neglectful in his family duties. Recognizing that, and because he's naturally getting too old for such shit, he finally hands his resignation to his super-hot boss. But: turns out he's also suddenly dying from something, and super-hot boss will only give him the super-experimental cure if he does ONE LAST JOB. So, for a three-day mission, it's back to being an awesome agent for Kevin Costner. PLUS, he's back to being a great dad, carefully balancing killing guys with reconciling with his daughter. Dad's gonna love it. Just a shame Costner couldn't at least bludgeon a guy with a baseball bat.

3 Days to Kill is directed by McG, and also stars Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen, Amber Heard, the scarf from World War Z, and surprisingly not Tom Cruise.

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