'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Banners Reveal Our New Green Goblin and Robot Rhino

December 3, 2013


The Amazing Spider-Man 2's first trailer is due to arrive this Thursday, but it seems we don't need to wait that long to find out what the superhero sequel's typically-crowded villain situation is this time around. As revealed in this banner triptych from Sony (via), it would seem that Jamie Foxx's Electro and Paul Giamatti's Rhino will be unexpectedly joined by a Green Goblin part, which appears to be filled by Dane DeHaan's Harry Osborn. Click above to see it larger, and head below for some sloppy analysis of whatever else can be gleaned from the image.

rhinosmall.jpgFirstly, for anyone expecting Rhino to look like he did in the comics (right), this big, robo-ungulate take on the character is definitely going to be a shock of Rhino-Zord sort. Apparently this new Rhino is too good to dress in exactly the rhinoceros costume one takes cute photos of a baby wearing.

But the bigger surprise here is arguably that we're seeing Harry Osborn as what would seem to be this Spider-universe's first incarnation of Green Goblin. In the comics and in Raimi's take, it was always Harry's father Norman who first went around grotesquely hoverboarding. Since Chris Cooper has already been cast as the elder Osborn, is this a hint that now the order is reversed, with Norman taking over the mantle once his son is taken down? Let's hope so, because we could do with one more Goblin iteration. This one just looks like Franco Goblin again, but now with the slightly moldy grimace of Matt Besser.

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