Bat Affleck Brought His 'Argo' Writer in on 'Batman-Superman'

December 19, 2013


The first big change coming to the Man of Steel sequel thanks to Ben Affleck taking on Bat duties? Probably a better script. THR reports that, with Man of Steel's prolific and uneven superhero screenwriter David Goyer heading off to do Sandman, Affleck has brought in Argo scripter Chris Terrio to pen a new draft for Warner Bros.' big sequel. Of course, with last year's Affleck hit being his debut feature effort, Terrio doesn't have experience in superhero films or blockbuster-sized action, but what he does have is an Academy Award--and, perhaps more relevantly, experience meeting the request to add in "Affleck unbuttons his shirt to reveal a firm torso that betrays his 40 years" without getting too uppity about it.

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