'Californication' About Done Californicating

December 9, 2013


After an over six-year run, Showtime is bringing an end to its popular Duchovny Gone Wild series. The network today announced an end to Californication, the David Duchovny comedy that you may well have just found out is still on. That said, it's been growing its audience consistently over its run, and it still has a seventh season scheduled to debut in April. This announcement means it's now also the final season, but lucky for fans of the show, that's not news to creator Tom Kapinos; in a statement, Showtime President of Entertainment David Nevins promises, "Tom has carefully planned the final chapter of Hank's journey and has brought it to a beautiful and satisfying conclusion for new and long-time fans alike." Duchovny will at last evolve into pure sexual energy, ascending into the stars to discover the truths of lust and ecstasy. Then, in the movie, he can come back as bees or whatever.

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