'Cheap Thrills' Trailer: Welcome to David Koechner's 'Fear Factor'

December 17, 2013


Playing a variation on a theme he's done in The Office, Anchorman, and pretty much everything else he's been in, David Kochner here again appears as a loud, antagonistic jack-ass whose cock-eyed sneer barks out bad ideas. But in the dark comedy Cheap Thrills, the difference is that now he's got the money to get those terrible ideas realized. He plays a rich guy who, for his young wife's birthday, has decided to become a patron of making drunk guys do dumb shit. So, he finds a couple dudes at a bar--our leads, a family man who just got laid off and his friend--and starts paying them rising amounts for increasingly gross and dangerous dares. He is the supervillain whose origin began when that kid at your lunch table drank the cocktail of chocolate milk and mustard. Here is his story:

Would have been a lot cheaper to just rent Jackass and call it a night.

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