'Dark Crystal' Directors' Cut Makes Everything Even Darker and Stranger Than Before

December 6, 2013


Though you probably saw The Dark Crystal as a kid, and you possibly still bring it up whenever someone is just trying to mention something about Legend or Labyrinth, it turns out you've never seen the version Frank Oz and Jim Henson intended. Their original cut apparently didn't test well with audiences, and the studio rightly worried it was a pretty confusing, freaky thing to show to children. So, like when they were forced to tone down Snuffleupagus's swaying scrotum, Oz and Henson had to concede to tame their creation. Among other changes, they recut and redubbed the film, adding expository voice-overs and changing the Skeksis voices from a bizarre, made-up language to English, preventing those guy from just being absolute terrors.

But if you're wondering what their original vision was like, now you can get a pretty good idea thanks to Christopher Orgeron. Picking up clues and footage from deleted scenes and an early workprint, he's pieced together what at least comes closer to what was the directors' cut, and you can watch the whole thing online. Gaze into your new nightmares below.

(via, thanks to Jaime)

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