'Draft Day' Trailer: Kevin Costner Holds the Most Elaborate Fantasy Football Draft

December 30, 2013


Baseball thespian Kevin Costner somehow got left out of Moneyball, but don't worry, he's still found a way to play the extremely specific role of sports general manager making seemingly-wild roster decisions against the will of his team. Now he's taken the role to the sport of football for Draft Day, Ivan Reitman's new film that sees Costner as fictional Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver, Jr., the man charged with first pick in the NFL draft.

Like in Moneyball, our ever-pacing GM's options are complicated by the competing desires of other players and staff (Tom Welling and Super Bowl-winning coach Denis Leary), and he has but one close ally that respects his master vision: a new, elongated Jonah Hill played by Jennifer Garner. Also like in Moneyball, all the gripping nail-biter scenes involve dramatically awaiting a response from a speakerphone. In short, this is the perfect thing to take Dad to after you show him Costner's 3 Days To Kill and he laments the lack of athletics. Here's the trailer:

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