'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer: Mecha-Cruise Scampers Through the Future's 'Groundhog Day'

December 11, 2013


Following up on Oblivion, Tom Cruise continues to pitter patter his little feet through Earth's unpleasant future with Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise's most totally awesome Groundhog Day. In the film, a diminutive 50-something (Cruise) somehow ends up in a time loop whereby he lives the same day over and over. That day: the event of a Bill Paxton's largest-yet military battle against aliens, the day the tide shifted toward the alien forces as Earth lost most of its armies and the star of Cocktail.

Cruise would seem doomed to an eternity of dying, never even making an ice sculpture of Andie MacDowell, but eventually he finds an unexpected ally in fellow soldier Emily Blunt. She's like, "Newb, u stuck? thats a known glitch. 2 beat this stage u need 2 lvl up more first lol." And so begins Cruise's training to become the 23rd century's Jack Reacher.

Here's the trailer:

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