Godzilla Leaves Ravaged Trail of Reaction Shots in 'Godzilla' Trailer

December 10, 2013


While the 1998 stab at making an American Godzilla movie arrived to the sound of Puff Daddy's shout-rapping, this new attempt tries right out of the gate to set a very different tone. Cues from 2001 now swell, and that's not the only thing decidedly less hilarious in this update. Now everyone is quite upset! A single, dramatic monologue is the only speaking you get in this trailer, and as is so often is the case for modern monster movies, the preview offers only glimpses of the giant creature that is the only thing we care about seeing anyway. Instead, what you mostly see is a lot of pained faces, emoted from the likes of stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, and not a single Matthew Broderick. See their multitude of Godzilla-birthed emotions below.

Smart to cover him in flares. You wouldn't want someone driving into him at night.

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