'Grand Piano' Trailer: Elijah Wood Plays Concert OF HIS LIFE (Because John Cusack Might Shoot Him)

December 18, 2013


Answering the question of how Phone Booth might have played out had Kiefer Sutherland been more of a patron of the arts, here's the trailer for Grand Piano. Already released in director Eugenio Mira's native spain, the film sees Elijah Wood as a piano prodigy haunted by stage fright--and, on the night of his attempt at a comeback performance, also haunted by John Cusack. Cusack really doesn't want Wood to fuck this up, so much so that he's taken Truffaut's advice, training a sniper rifle on Wood and threatening to shoot him and his and wife should the performance be flawed. The guy's really upped his music snobbiness since High Fidelity.

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