Have a Look at the OTHER 'Hunger Games' Parody That's Apparently Been Made

December 10, 2013


The trailer for The Hungover Games arrives over two months after The Starving Games trailer first lazily opened its sack of references to us. But, as you could have probably guessed, a spoof built peripherally around 2009's The Hangover is not all that concerned with timeliness.

The film is either satirizing Starving Games--in which case, it is brilliantly ahead of its time--or foolishly attempting to one-up prolific spoof-makers Friedberg and Seltzer through sheer laughable star power. Appearances by Jonathan Silverman, Tara Reid, Robert Wagner, Bruce Jenner, and Jamie Kennedy are oddly boasted, though really, the only impressive credit unquestionably belongs the actor doing the spoof version of Mr. Chow. Any comedy forced to parody Ken Jeong, because even he refuses to take part, must really be something.

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