Here's Tyler Perry's Next Thing That Doesn't Involve Madea

December 11, 2013


Madea Christmas doesn't hit theaters until Thursday night, but as is the Tyler Perry's tradition, the director is giving you one of your Madea Christmas gifts early. It's a trailer for The Single Moms Club, one of the Madea-free films Perry likes to sprinkle into his catalogue every now and then while he lets the fat suit air out. This one focuses on a group of single moms (naturally) who support each other by sitting in a circle sipping wine, as they've seen other women do in other movies. They also dish about all the hunks they're pursuing in apparent bids to no longer be single moms, one of said "hunks" being writer-director Tyler Perry (naturally). But who better to tell of the very real struggle of the single mother than a rich 44-year-old man who occasionally pretends he's an intermittent single mom by way of lipstick and a wig? Hallelujer.

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