Hugh Jackman To Play Peter Pan's Pirate Enemy; You Know, Blackbeard

December 19, 2013


Hugh Jackman might play a pirate, and it's not because he's doing Penzance. Variety reports Wolverine has entered talks to play the lead villain in one of the several Peter Pan projects in development, this one being Joe Wright's Pan. The film has been described as a Batman Begins take on the mythos, and it seems that goes for telling Captain Hook's origin story as much as Pan's: Hook will start this film as a friend to Peter, and the main villain Jackman would play instead would be a weirdly-ripped Captain Blackbeard. The title role has yet to be cast, but considering Wright's history (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina) and the history of Peter Pan productions, the most likely candidates continue to be Keira Knightley and a pair of green tights.

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