Jack and Jill Named Year's Most Overpaid Actors

December 10, 2013


Following Eddie Murphy's example of riding multiple roles to the top, Adam Sandler has at last found his way to the number one spot of Forbes' annual listing of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood.

Thanks to the weak box office performances of That's My Boy and Jack and Jill, Sandler this year took out last year's champ Murphy--presumably also in part because Murphy hasn't had a new film come out since the last list. For the last three films in which Sandler has appeared in a starring role, studios have reportedly made back only $3.40 for every dollar pocketed in his athletic shorts. The relative success of Grown Ups 2 is all that kept him from even weaker numbers, perhaps even nearing Murphy's $2.30 2012 returns. And such was the utility of a Grown Ups sequel discovered.

In a showing of solidarity between women who turn their head at "blondie from the rom-coms," Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon held on to their respective prior-year positions as second and third most-overpaid stars. Showing rare consistency, Nic Cage managed to hold on to the same profit ratio yet still climbed up to fourth, while, thanks to Here Comes the Boom, Sandler's pal Kevin James lumbered onto the list for the first and presumably not last time.

Have a look at the full top ten below.

1. Adam Sandler - $3.40 (returned on each dollar paid)
2. Katherine Heigl - $3.50
3. Reese Witherspoon - $3.90
4. Nicolas Cage - $6
5. Kevin James - $6.10
6. Denzel Washington - $8.30
7. Steve Carell - $10
8. Jennifer Aniston - $10.60
9. Matt Damon - $10.60
10. Ryan Reynolds - $10.70

Notably, though Reynolds barely squeezed in the list, these numbers reportedly do not include R.I.P.D., so look for a substantial bump next year.

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