Jason Clarke in Talks To Be Terminator's New John Connor

December 11, 2013


Jason Clarke's performance in Zero Dark Thirty already won him a leading role in the new Planet of the Apes film, and now he's been offered a big part in another rebooted parable about science creating a new, powerful race to destroy us. Deadline reports he's in talks to play the new Terminator's John Connor, joining aged learning computer Arnold Schwarzenegger and either Brie Larson or Emilia Clarke, depending on who gets cast as Sarah Connor. Since either actress is like twenty years Jason Clarke's junior, that would seem to confirm the film will jump between time periods, showing the future's rebellion as well as some parts where you see how hot the rebel leader's mom was. Also confirmed: that the film is being called Terminator: Genesis. Hopefully it's a lot better than the last one:

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