Johnny Depp Becomes a Lawnmower Depp in First Looks at 'Transcendence'

December 12, 2013


Transcendence marks the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister, and also marks an increasingly-rare occasion of Johnny Depp looking like a normal human being. Proving that later point, here are the first photos from the film, showing Depp and a selection of Nolanverse usual suspects Pfister quietly poached from his frequent collaborator.

The shots come from EW, where they've also put out a synopsis for the techno-thriller. Apparently Depp's wardrobe has been restrained to Secret Window levels so he can play a computer scientist--one specializing in "the singularity," described as the point when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, and Siri asks us where to get the tomato soup. The thrills kick in when some luddite activists attack Depp and, somehow, he "literally gets uploaded into the mainframe, becoming a ghost in the machine." And then you just know he'll reprogram himself with more pancake makeup, and start getting it all over the delicate circuitry.

Have another early look at Lawnmower Depp below.


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