New 'Grand Budapest Hotel' Character Trailer: Now We've Got Names To Match the Mustaches

December 19, 2013


We just saw The Expendables 3 show off its cast in a teaser and now, far away on the distant, twee side of the machismo spectrum, we've got another sizable and impressive ensemble to preview. It's a new The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer, one outlining the expectedly absurd cast of characters Wes Anderson has assembled for what looks like his most madcap, lurid outing yet.

There's some new plot here too, though, and some greater clarity on structure: it seems that, as was only hazily suggested in the first trailer, F. Murray Abraham plays the now-aged lobby boy recounting the greater events of the film to Jude Law. Also, Ralph Fiennes is going to beat the shit out of someone in a prison fight. Even if the director is still staying safely within his comfort zone, you have to admit, it's kind of a surprise Ralph Fiennes is beating the shit out of someone in a prison fight in a Wes Anderson film.

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