Nicolas Cage Sure Did Make Another Nicolas Cage Movie

December 11, 2013


Back when Nicolas Cage first signed on to star in Tokarev, it was reported that Cage would play "a former crook trying to find his daughter's kidnappers," and I naturally assumed that a Russian-sounding name like "Tokarev" necessitated that Peter Stormare would be in this thing. But, as shown by this trailer for the film, it turns out that's only half right: yes, of course Peter Stormare had to be in something called "Tokarev," but there's some bad news about that kidnapped daughter. She is totally dead. It seems that Cage is not out to save but avenge after some thugs from his criminal past slaughter his daughter's entire Rock Band party.

Curious how deep Nicolas Cage wants this to go? Good question. And he already has an answer for you: "HOW DEEP IS HELL?" Because however deep that is is how deep he wants this to go. And he will shoot guns and snarl and shout and do everything Nicolas Cage typically does to take it that deep. Danny Glover co-stars as Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.

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