'Nymphomaniac' Arriving Woefully Spread Apart Next Spring

December 5, 2013


While Denmark is getting all of Nyphomaniac this Christmas, a celebration of when their mythological Tomte arrives to get in some hardcore fuck action, it seems the U.S. will have to wait until spring for Lars von Trier's artfully pornographic take on Garry Marshall's Valentine's Day. As was suspected, distributor Magnolia Pictures is dividing up the depressing sex romp into two parts, with the first reportedly hitting theaters March 21 after first heading to on-demand March 6, just in case you'd prefer to watch this in privacy for any reason. After getting all worked up, you'll have to wait a bit before getting the climax: part two doesn't head to on-demand until April 3, finally making its way to theaters April 18. In time for Easter, at least.

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