'Reasonable Doubt' Trailer: Yet Another Hit-and-Run Caught by a Serial Killer

December 6, 2013


Back in 1997, I Know What You Did Last Summer cautioned the world's reckless drivers that they should not commit a hit-and-run. Because someone might have secretly seen them, and also that someone is most likely a gruesome serial killer. Now, a decade-and-a-half later, Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper are here to once again needlessly utter this unforgettable truism with the video-on-demand thriller Reasonable Doubt.

In the directing debut of Peter P. Croudins, Cooper plays a district attorney that one night gets drunk, hits and kills a guy, and flees the scene. When he winds up prosecuting Samuel L. Jackson for the crime, guilt pushes him to throw the case, but it turns out that was a bad idea: Sam Jackson is both sole witness to Cooper's crime and a serial killer! He was actually torturing and murdering the victim before the unlucky jerk fled straight into Cooper's SUV. Who knew, right?

Once Cooper somehow catches on to that, of course he wants to prosecute Jackson for his other crimes; that sends Jackson into a frenzy of blackmail, threats, and frame-jobs that seemingly ends in an armed stand-off between both criminals. Why didn't Jackson accuse Cooper in the first place? Why doesn't Cooper just wash his bumper and say that the serial killer is lying? These plot points aren't really dealt with in the trailer. All the other ones are, though, so watch below only if you're comfortable spoiling the purity of Reasonable Doubt.

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